1. A Fateful Day for Uncle Dave (GOANIMATE)-0

A Fateful Day For Uncle Dave is the pilot episode of Uncle Dave. 

Episode OverviewEdit

Uncle Dave is diagnosed with terminal penis cancer by Roger, the black doctor. It is revealed he has 6 months to live, but will enjoy a fantastical level of sexual prowess in this time. 

Episode BioEdit

Uncle Dave is sitting on the toilet, expelling a particularly runny shit, when Roger, the black doctor, bursts in. It turns out that Dave had arranged an appointment with Roger regarding the large, abnormal growth on his penis. Roger duly diagnoses him with terminal cancer. Dave is told that he has just six months to live, and that one prominent side effect of his cancer is extraordinary sexual prowess. The pair proceed to have sexual intercourse, with a forceful Dave very much in the dominant position. Roger expresses regret immediately afterwards, remembering that he has a wife and children. The episode ends with the black doctor imploring Dave to use his sexual power wisely. Such counsel is met with hostility and abuse.


"Dude, what the fuck? I'm trying to take a killer butt burning burrito shit" - Uncle Dave

"I appear to have cancerous growths growing all over my cock" - Uncle Dave

"Please unleash your genitals" - Roger, the Black doctor

"Side effects of this particular cancer include nausea, dizziness, death, girth, ribald disposition and unimagineable sexual prowess" - Roger, the black doctor

"Sexual prowess? Tell me more you fucking doctor cunt" - Uncle Dave

"No man, woman or child, or animal will be able to resist you sexually" - Roger, the black doctor

"For the remaining 6 months of your life you will be something of a sexual supervillain, please use your new powers wisely" - Roger, the black doctor

"Let's test this hypothesis; drop your pants and take me up the ass, bitch" - Uncle Dave

"Fuck me, uncle Dave, fuck your sexy virginal nephew, which is me" - Roger the Black doctor

"Fuck, what have I just done?" - Roger, the black doctor

"Oh I have a new lease on life alright, and I'm going to begin by fucking my children" - Uncle Dave

Trivia and ReferencesEdit

  • The iconic opening of Roger interuppting Dave mid-defecation is referenced twice more in later episodes, firstly when Roger bursts in on Dave in Double Ozymandias to inspect his penis, and later in the epilogue of Curtain Call, in the alternate timeline, where it is implied Dave once again has been given cancer
  • The episode's plot is a loose reference to the pilot episode of Breaking Bad, whereby the protagonist is diagnosed with terminal cancer and given months to live
  • This episode establishes the complexity of Roger's character, as we see his sexual submission and masochism (he asks Dave to sodomise him with defibrillators and electrocute his prostate) and also his moral disposition (he remains the only character in the entire series to express regret over an act of infidelity). Both character traits would later come to define his relationship with Sarah
  • The Principal is implicitly referred to in this episode, as Roger claims to have heard of one other case of the particualr strain of Penis cancer "a long way from here". Though this is proven false in episode 5, as the principal lives in the same state as Dave. 
  • Though not shown, Roger, the black doctor inititiates an affair with Dave's wife Sarah in the immediate aftermath of the episode
  • Dave foreshadows Sarah's introduction and character, referring to his 'Fucking bitch wife'

First AppearancesEdit

David "Uncle Dave" Foley - The Main protagonist

Roger "Roger, the black doctor" McCoy - Noted Penis doctor and supporting cast member

Sexual ActivityEdit

Roger and Dave: Anal sex, uncle/nephew roleplay, ejaculation, prostate stimulation/electrocution.

Title ReferenceEdit

The cancer diagnosis proves to be a 'fateful day for uncle dave' as it sets the course of Dave's character development, but is also revealed in season 2 to have been borne of The Principal's desire to isolate the principal particle. 

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