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Uncle DaveEdit

Uncle Dave is an serialised animation published on youtube, written by users Chaz Polsonator and DancesWithRobotnik. Comprising of 2 seasons and 21 full episodes, it originally aired between October 1st 2013 - June 10th 2014. 

It is a spin off from, and later revealed to be a sequel to the 'Principal and Friends' youtube serial.

Uncle Dave is a vaguely satirical animated comedy, following the adventures of the titular protagonist, Dave Foley. Created with GoAnimate software, it features scenes in which no more than two largely static characters converse in Text-to-Speech computerised voices. Despite the graphic innocuity of the scenes and characters, the dialogue is marked by constant vulgarity, depictions of extreme sexual encounters and frequent breaching of moral taboos, including incest, sadomasochism, and anal. 

Season 1 introduces the character of Dave, who is diagnosed in the pilot episode with terminal penis cancer, which imparts him with fantastical sexual prowess, allowing him to seduce any living or non living entity. The rest of the season finds Dave at odds with his emotionally abusive, domineering wife Sarah, and the two eventually both plot the downfall of the other.

Season 2 establishes 'The Principal', a minor supporting character in season 1, as the joint (arguably main) protagonist. It is much wider in scope than season 1, the location of Blgsville is covered in more detail, and it introduces several members of the Blgsville political apparatus. It is centred upon The Principal's impending death (from the penis cancer), and his efforts to salvage 'the principal particle', a powerful atom that can prolong his life, and also, the machiavellian efforts of the mayor of Blgsville to manufacture the principal's downfall. It is much, much better than season 1. 

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