2. Sarah (GOANIMATE)

Sarah is the Second episode of Unlce Dave

Episode OverviewEdit

We are introduced to Sarah, dave's abusive, manipulative and materialistic wife. We also see Dave's weakness and subservience when it comes to his wife.

Episode BioEdit

Dave's wife Sarah enters the bathroom, moments after Roger's exit. She asks about the noise and the smell, and soon enough an argument develops. In the course of it, Dave is constantly belittled and berated by his vindictive wife, who much prefers clubs and the company of other men to her husband. Nevertheless, Dave declares his undying love for Sarah, and begs her for forgiveness. He then prepares to announce to Sarah the news of his diagnosis, but is forestalled when she -- apparently unwittingly -- says that she wishes he were suffering from a terminal illness. Sarah solemnly vows to ruin Dave if he shows any sign of disobedience. It is also revealed that Dave's bloody diarrhoea was caused by burritos that were cooked by Sarah and that contained raw meat. Sarah demands that Dave make extravagant, expensive plans for her; Dave agrees. The episode ends with Sarah throwing Dave out of the bathroom.


"I love you, please forgive me" - Uncle Dave

"I hate you, I deserve better, all you do is treat me like shit, you don't compliment me, you don't buy me things like I deserve, youre different around your friends, I odn't want you seeing them" - Sarah

"Oh. My. Gad" - Sarah

"Are you fucking seriously trying to control me? You fucking control freak abusive rapist woman beater. You just cant bear the thought of me shaking my ass in another man's face because you think you own me. I'm allowed to go out looking as hot as I want with as many black guys as i want and you can stay here and think of things to buy me" - Sarah

"You're fucking pathetic, you look like an ugly child when you cry" - Sarah

"I'm an amazing woman" - Sarah

"Please tell me that you have a terminal fucking illness, I can't wait to put your cold corpse in the ground...dying is the only decent thing you could do, at least then our children could have a real man replace you as their father, hopefully a black one" - Sarah

"You have a tiny little circumsized dick" - Sarah

"Take me on an expensive hip hop cruise" - Sarah

"I make sure I tell our children every day that you are a loser, and they hate you for it" - Sarah

"You're perfect, I love you, I'm so glad you're my life" - Uncle Dave

"I wanted to give you food poisoning because you're a loser and you don't deserve me" - Sarah

"Oh Sarah, my sweetheart, I will, I am going to plan something *very* special for you" - Uncle Dave

Trivia and ReferencesEdit

  • This episode introduces Sarah, her dominant, materialistic character and her love of black men, which would set the course for the racial genocide aspect of season two and her marriage to Roger
  • This episode is the first occasion of Sarah's catchphrase "oh. my. GAD."
  • This episode establishes Dave as somewhat under the thumb in the relationship, which is mirrored in Roger's relationship with Sarah
  • It also marks the decision by Dave to plot Sarah's downfall, as he commits to planning something *very, special* for her, which catalyses the ricin burrito plot in later episodes
  • The episode very loosely references Breaking Bad, whereby Walter White witholds information of his cancer diagnosis from his wife
  • Sarah, as a character is a satirical commentary on the convention of popular network dramas of having intensely dislikable female counterparts to the main protagonist (Skyler White, Carmela Soprano, Betty Draper etc)
  • Sarah foreshadows her part in Dave's demise (in Double Ozymandias), when she says "I will be the end of you". 

Sexual ActivityEdit

None. The first episode of the 'Principal and Friends' canon to not have any sexual activity. The end of the episode purposefully subverts the convention of the "I love you/I love you too, fuck me" formula seen in Principal and friends - in this episode the dialogue is "I love you/fuck you"

First AppearancesEdit

Sarah "Sarah" McGunt - Dave's wife. Primary antagonist in season 1, Secondary antagonist in season 2. 

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