3. The Ricin Uranium (GOANIMATE)-0

The Ricin Uranium is the thrid episode of Uncle Dave

Episode OverviewEdit

Uncle Dave goes for an interview at the local nuclear power plant. 

Episode Bio Edit

Dave goes for an ostensible job interview at a nuclear power plant. He speaks rudely and lewdly to his half-Brazilian interviewer, who, feeling disturbed, threatens to call security. Dave repeatedly affirms that he is the woman's uncle, and alleges that the cancerous growth on his penis was caused by a previous visit to the power plant. Then, all of a sudden, Dave declares his love for the woman. Remarkably, it is reciprocated, and the two proceed to engage in depraved sexual acts. After ejaculating, Dave reveals that he has videotaped their encounter, and claims that he will show the footage to the woman's fiancé unless she furnishes him with a rod of uranium and a bag of ricin. The woman happily complies. Dave asks to see her boss, but is told that he is not available and that he is not a person to be crossed. The episode ends with the pair engaging in more sexual acts, which culminate in the woman's orgasm.


  • "Call me uncle, baby. I'm Uncle Dave" - Uncle Dave
  • "Shut up. You look Braziliant" - Uncle Dave
  • "I am half English, Half Brazilian and fully empowered. Please cease with this tomfoolery" - Geneva
  • "Being mean to your uncle is against the law" - Uncle Dave
  • "I am a liberated and empowered disgusting sexist pig...stick your fist inside my anus" - Geneva
  • "I am your sexy, slutty niece, I am nothing more than a prostitute for your holy cock" - Geneva
  • "You know where to go if you want any paint stripping" - Geneva
  • "Get me a rod of uranium and a bag of ricin" - Uncle Dave
  • "I am so horny. I am so sexy. Uncle Dave is so horny. Uncle Dave is so sexy" - Uncle Dave
  • "My boss, you know you shouldn't cross him" - Geneva
  • "Tell your boss to watch his back. Now fart on me some more, you slut" - Uncle Dave

Trivia and ReferencesEdit

  • This episode references both 'Principal and Friends' and the 'Idiot' series of xtranormal videos, whereby a job interview takes place. While not explicilty revealed in this episode, it is the same nuclear powerplant that the principal owns and interviews Stacy in
  • While the principal is not mentioned by name, he is explicitly referred to, when Geneva speaks of 'her boss' and mentions that he is not to be crossed with.
  • The research project later explained in "Uncle Dave gets principled" and "'T.H.E Principal particle" is also briefly mentioned in this episode, by Dave.
  • It is not clear whether Dave is aware of the principal here. Geneva implies that Dave knows who he is. This leaves it open to interpretation whether the events of episode 21 open up a completely new timeline or are simply circular
  • This episode is the first to establish the 'ricin' storyline, which is directly inspired by the various ricin plots in breaking bad. 
  • Geneva is the one of only a handful of characters who only appear in one episode in the "principal and friends/uncle dave" saga, and she is never again mentioned in the series
  • This episode shows Dave's growing confidence and pyschopathy, as he constantly forces Geneva to refer to him as Uncle

First and Last appearancesEdit


Sexual ActivityEdit

Uncle Dave and Geneva: Penetrative Vaginal Intercourse, anal fisting, Uncle/Niece roleplay, Eproctophilia, ejaculation. 

Title ReferenceEdit

Refers to the ricin and uranium that Dave procures from the power plant, which are eventually used to establish Sarah's downfall at the conclusion of season 1. 

3. The Ricin Uranium (GOANIMATE)

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