1. A Fateful Day for Uncle Dave (GOANIMATE)


David "Uncle Dave" Foley is the eponymous protagonist of the 'Uncle Dave' serial. He begins in a fairly nondescript appearance, of average height with short blonde hair and an organge polo shirt. 

Character Bio

Uncle Dave is introduced as a citizen of Blgsville, a employed father of two who is diagnosed with terminal penis cancer in the pilot episode. While his job title is never revealed, he works hard to provide for his family. He is married to Sarah McGunt, an emotionally abusive, adulterous greedy sociopath. The disintegration of their marriage is a focal point of season 1. He is father to Patrick and Denise. He is shown to have something of an antipathy towards his overweight son, eventually poisoning him with ricin to one-up Sarah, expressing joy at the apparent demise of her "precious, porky boy". He favouritises his Daughter, Denise, who is unassuming and sweet, and bullied by Sarah. Patrick's demise in season 1 is mirrored in season 2, as Sarah is instrumental in the bloody murder of Denise, which catalyses the climactic story arc of the show. Throughout much of season 2, Dave is in an illicit relationship with Leah, a barmaid/actress who routinely cheats on her boyfriend with Dave. His best friend is The Principal, though he also enjoys a brief friendship with chief of Police Lt. Porksdale at the beginning of season 2. 

Character TraitsEdit

Uncle Dave is introduced as a borderline pyschotic cancer victim. In the pilot episode he is aggressive verbally to Roger, the black doctor, referring to him as a "fucking doctor cunt" for no clear reason. In season 1 he is frequently sarcastic, mean spirited, mocking, sexually promiscuous and eventually sophisticated (in masterminding the poisoning by ricin of his son, Patrick).

In season 2, Dave's sexual proclivities are shown to have become marked by increasing levels of depravity, most often engaging in acts of EmetophiliaEproctophilia and Coprophagia. In addition to this, his personal conduct becomes noticeably more arrogant, aggressive and reckless throughout season 2. He appears at several points to have a transcendent meta-understanding of his apparent status, referring to himself constantly as 'the hero', and having an unwavering belief in the inevitability of his own success. At the conclusion of the series, it is revealed by the principal that this is a result of a foreign host (Dave) possessing the Principal particle, which will corrupt an alien body. Dave's arrogance eventually proves to be his downfall, as he unwisely engages "military trained killer" Porksdale in a machine gun battle. 

Dave's appearance evolves throughout the series to depict his changing personality, when he becomes more confident, happy and arrogant in season two, his physical appearance develops accordingly; he dons sunglasses for much of season 2, his neutral expression is a smile, he becomes much taller, and experiments with different styles. Firstly a 'shaved sides and back' haircut, which is mocked by the principal, leading Dave to grow his hair to a medium length. When Dave is eventually made Vice-Principal of Man's anus high school, he dons a blue suit and colourful tie. Eventually Dave is shown (in the flashforward and at the climax of season 2) to have grown shoulder length hair and a long beard. 

He is known for his love of greasy, fried food, often shown eating (or defecating) burritos.

Notable QuotesEdit

"Dude, what the fuck?" - Frequent

"I'm trying to take a butt burning, burrito shit" - Episode 1

"Call me uncle" - Frequent


First Appearance Final Appearance Total Episodic Appearances Total Scenic Appearances
1. A Fateful Day for Uncle Dave

20. Kaboom (Death)

21. Curtain Call (as The Idiot, and then in alternative timeline)

19 26

Uncle Dave has the most episodic appearances of any character, only failing to appear in two episodes (7.Some Hidden Smallprint and 14. Schemotherapy), although does not have the highest Scenic appearances.


Throughout the series Uncle Dave has sexual relations with, Roger, Geneva, The Principal, Leah and Porksdale. He is eventually brutally raped by Sarah, bringing his total to 6. 


Dave is named after 'Uncle Dave', of the film 'Postal', and the actor who portrayed him, 'Dave Foley'.

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